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Common Misconceptions (Acne)

  • "Acne is worsened by chocolate and fatty foods."
    • False.  Studies have shown that diet has no influence on the course of acne.
    • However, direct exposure of skin to cooking oils and grease (e.g. working in a fast food restaurant) can definitely aggravate acne.
  • "Acne is caused by dirt and can be washed or scrubbed away."
    "Acne is due to poor hygiene."
    • False.  Acne lesions arise from changes within the skin itself. 
    • Aggressive washing or scrubbing will cause more inflammation and scarring.
  • "Acne does not usually require treatment because patients will eventually outgrow it - it is part of growing up."
    • False.  While it is true that acne usually goes into remission by the third decade of life, the scarring that results from untreated inflammatory acne is permanent. 
    • In addition, acne can lead to psychosocial impairment with loss of self-esteem, social isolation, and depression.
  • "Acne is caused by stress."
    • False. Although stressful situations may cause acne to flare, stress itself does not cause acne.


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