The Impact that Nurses can have is recognized in other countries.
  1. Nurses have an impact on Patient care as cited in the article from the UK by Courtenay M, Carey N. A review of the impact and effectiveness of nurse-led care in dermatology. J Clin Nurs. 2007 Jan;16(1):122-8.
  1. Review of the article: “The evidence indicates that nurses are treating a number of dermatological conditions, primarily using treatment protocols, across a broad range of clinical settings. However, some nurses working in primary care, lack confidence to treat some of these conditions and the educational needs of these nurses are frequently unmet. A reduction in the severity of the condition and more effective use of topical therapies are benefits of nurse interventions on service delivery. Faster access to treatment, a reduction in referrals to the general practitioner or dermatologist and an increase in knowledge of their condition are benefits reported by patients.”