Annual Spring Dermatology Review 1997
for Family Physicians

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Created: 23Oct96


Comments from previous registrants

"An excellent program, highly worthwhile. Your effort was very much appreciated"

"I found this an excellent conference"

"I really enjoyed this course, found the staff to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable"

"Hard to improve"

"Small group sessions were good for sorting out our own clinical difficulties"

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  1. Eye Care Centre Auditorium
    Vancouver Hospital & Health Sciences Centre
    2550 Willow Street
    Vancouver, B.C.
  2. The Skin Care Centre
    Vancouver Hospital & Health Sciences Centre
    835 West 10th Avenue
    Vancouver, B.C.
    V5Z 4E8


March 8 & 9, 1997

March 8 & 9, 1997

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Course Description

This year's review will highlight a broad range of dermatologic problems and dilemmas that are commonly encountered by primary care physicians. There will be a strong emphasis on audience participation during the small group workshops and panel presentations. For the first time ever there will be live patients to challenge your diagnostic and therapeutic skills. The most up to date information on skin therapeutics will be featured during the course. Dermatologic emergencies and pitfalls will be highlighted this year. Practical workshops will cover psoriasis, over the counter dermatologic products, and fungal infections. A special panel will look at acne. The latest on AIDS will also be presented. Practical approaches to moles, the aging face, drug eruptions, and vulvar dermatoses will round out this year's program. There will be ample opportunities for you to interact with faculty, and you are encouraged to bring along your problem cases for discussion on Sunday afternoon.

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Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Describe the appropriate use of new drugs and therapies in dermatology.
  2. Describe the appropriate management of different forms of acne.
  3. Outline a rational approach to the management of psoriasis and fungal infections.
  4. Recognize the important dermatologic signs of AIDS and discuss current HIV therapy.
  5. Describe the differential diagnosis and management of the itching and burning vulva.
  6. Recognize the differing aspects of drug eruptions.
  7. Recognize the presentation and management of ten dermatologic emergencies as well as ten common dermatologic pitfalls.

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Schedule for 1997 Spring Dermatology CME Course

Saturday, March 8, 1997 -- Chairman: Dr. Harvey Lui
Morning: Eye Care Centre Auditorium

Dr. Harvey Lui
What's really new in dermatologic drug therapy?
Dr. Stuart Maddin
0855 Questions
Ten dermatologic emergencies
Dr. Harvey Lui
Top ten list of dermatologic errors
Dr. Neil Kitson
0945 Questions
0955 Intermission
AIDS Update
Dr. Alastair McLeod
The many faces of drug eruptions
Dr. Kevin Peter
1050 Questions
1100 Practical Acne Management
. Panel discussion with audience participation
Dr. Harvey Lui
Dr. David McLean
Dr. Annette Lam
Dr. James Dantow
1200 Lunch

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Saturday, March 8, 1997
Afternoon: The Skin Care Centre

1300 Small group workshops: Therapeutics

A. Practical approach to treating psoriasis
Dr. Jerry Shapiro
B. Over the counter treatments
Dr. Brian Gregory

C. Fungal infections: what to do?
Dr. Brian Kunimoto
1400 Repeat small groups
1500 Intermission
1515 Repeat small groups
1615 Adjourn

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Sunday, March 9, 1997 -- Chairman: Dr. Roberta Ongley
Morning: Eye Care Centre Auditorium

0815 Coffee & Muffins
What to do for the itching and burning vulva
Dr. Roberta Ongley
Dermatology/Internal Medicine update
Dr. Gordon Telford
How to assess a patient with lots of moles
Dr. Vincent Ho
0930 Question period
0945 Intermission
Antiviral therapy for skin diseases
Dr. Jason Rivers
Treatment options for the aging face
Dr. David Zloty
1040 Questions

Sunday, March 9, 1997
Morning: Skin Care Centre

1100 Live Patient Rounds
Selected patients with acute and chronic dermatologic problems will be presented for discussion of diagnosis and practical management
1200 Lunch

Sunday, March 9, 1997
Afternoon: Eye Care Centre Auditorium

Case discussions
Dr. Gordon Telford
Dr. Harvey Lui
Dr. Roberta Ongley
Dr. Jerry Shapiro
1445 Course evaluation
1500 Course ends. Have a safe journey home.

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Course Planning Committee

  1. Dr. Harvey Lui, Assistant Professor, Division of Dermatology, UBC
  2. Dr. Roberta Ongley, Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Dermatology, UBC
  3. Dr. Jerry Shapiro, Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Dermatology, UBC

Guest Faculty

  1. Dr. Gordon Telford, Consultant Dermatologist, Greater Victoria Hospital Society

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Local Faculty

  1. Dr. James Dantow, Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of Dermatology, UBC
  2. Dr. Brian Gregory, Clinical Instructor, Division of Dermatology, UBC
  3. Dr. Vincent Ho, Associate Professor, Division of Dermatology, UBC
  4. Dr. Neil Kitson, Associate Professor, Division of Dermatology, UBC
  5. Dr. Brian Kunimoto, Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of Dermatology, UBC
  6. Dr. Annette Lam, Clinical Instructor, Division of Dermatology, UBC
  7. Dr. David McLean, Professor and Head, Division of Dermatology, UBC
  8. Dr. Alastair McLeod, Clinical Professor, Division of Dermatology, UBC
  9. Dr. Stuart Maddin, Clinical Professor, Division of Dermatology, UBC
  10. Dr. Kevin Peter, Clinical Instructor, Division of Dermatology, UBC
  11. Dr. Jason Rivers, Associate Professor Division of Dermatology, UBC
  12. Dr. David Zloty, Clinical Instructor, Division of Dermatology, UBC

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