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The link to the WebCT Exam is located near the bottom of this page. Please read the following instructions before you proceed to the Pre-Test. (You may wish to print these instructions for handy reference.)

When you follow the link to WebCT, you will be greeted by the DermWeb WebCT homepage. Click, Derm Update Spring 1999 Quiz. The next page will list all Dermatology courses; however, only 3 Spring Update 1999 Exams will be available. Click the first, Derm Update Spring 1999 Pre-Test. (There is also a bonus question and a survey, please complete these after the quiz.) The quiz page will take a little while to load due to the graphics. You will need to acknowledge a small message box informing you that you have 120 minutes remaining (click OK). You may now begin answering questions. See the examples below.

What you will see:

WebCT Example 1 of 2

WebCT Example 2 of 2

Most questions begin with a photo, with possible answers located below the photo. Multiple choice answers have check boxes which permit multiple choices and single answers have "radio buttons" (shown in the example above) which permit only a single choice. The area to the right of the browser window indicates the amount of time remaining as well as which answers have been completed. Be sure to click the "Save Answer" button each time you complete a question.

When you have completed all questions, please submit your quiz by clicking the "Finish" button near the bottom of the page. A small dialog box will appear with the query, "Submit Quiz for Grading?". Click the "OK" button. The next page will permit you to review your responses as well as the rationales for correct answers (when you click the "View Results" button). This page will also have a "Back" button (separate from your browser's Back button) which will take you to the page listing the Bonus Question and the WebCT Survey. Please take time to complete these additional modules.

We hope you find the exam enjoyable and informative! If you need help, please contact the following individuals by e-mail:

The DermWeb Team

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