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Daniel N. Sauder


The Future of Canadian Academic Dermatology: A Personal View
David I. McLean

Basic/Clinical Science

Reduction of Melanogenic Activity and Responsiveness to a-Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone during Serial Passage of Melanoma Cells
Hee-Young Park and Barbara A. Gilchrest

Informed Patient Decision Making and the Use of Prescription Medications: A Canadian Dermatologic Perspective
Michael I. Singer and Neil H. Shear


The Pharmaceutical Industry and Dermatologists versus Dermatologists and the Pharmaceutical Industry
Richard J. MacKay and Patrick McElgunn

Grand Rounds

Multiple Inguinal Nodules in a Seventy-Year-Old Man
Jonathan D. K. Trager, Victor G. Prieto, N. Scott McNutt, Richard D. Granstein, and Rachelle A. Scott

Continuing Medical Education

When Studies Are in Error: Basic Statistical Vocabulary Needed to Understand Clinical Studies
Martin A. Weinstock

Ichthyoses: Summary Notes
Arnon M. Katz

Case Reports

Elastophagocytosis: A Clue to the Diagnosis of GM-CSF-Induced Dermatosis
Alicia D. Zalka, Anna Sarno Ryan, Sophie M. Worobec, and Glynis A. Scott

Infantile Myofibromatosis
Elie Levy and Giles P. Raymond

Foreign Body Granulomatous Reaction Presenting as Systemic Sarcoidosis: A Case Report with Energy-Dispersive Spectroscopy Analysis
Michael Singer, Herb Srolovitz, Robin Bullick, and Andre Dufresne


Trichothiodystrophy: Current Concepts
Vera H. Price

Bone Complications of Corticosteroids
Robert S. Lester

Immunosuppressive and Cytotoxic Drugs in Dermatology: A Practical Overview and Personal Perspective
Jeffrey P. Callen

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