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Daniel N. Sauder

It is a privilege to welcome our readers to a new and exciting journal, the Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery. When the initial discussions about this publication began, I wondered whether we actually needed another dermatology journal. However, I came to realize that certain areas were not being covered comprehensively in other journals. These areas include clinical epidemiology, design measurement and analysis, pharmacoeconomics, and controversies in dermatology and dermatologic surgery.

In this inaugural issue, we are focusing on a number of these issues as well as featuring an editorial on Canadian academic dermatology. Although this is written from a Canadian perspective, it is relevant to what is happening in all of North America and major centres worldwide.

In the CME section, Dr. Martin Weinstock begins a series on critical appraisal, which is part of an ongoing section designed to update individuals not well versed in clinical epidemiology, design measurement, and analysis. As part of our CME mandate, we feature an ongoing section on study review notes, which will be useful for trainees as well as practitioners.

The Journal is aimed at reflecting the state-of-the-art in cutaneous biology and dermatology. In the basic and clinical science section, Drs. Park and Gilchrest focus on an important issue on melanocyte and melanoma biology in that these cells frequently lose pigmentation in culture. Although observed by researchers, this phenomenon has not been well delineated until now. In addition to providing scholarly articles on basic and applied science, we are also focusing on developing scholarly practitioners by featuring articles that provide the theoretical framework to make sound clinical judgements. Drs. Singer and Shear, in their article on informed consent, clearly outline issues relating to how and what to tell patients when prescribing medication that has the potential for causing serious adverse effects. The novel Grand Rounds section features "Dermatology Grand Rounds at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center."

The Journal is the official vehicle of the Canadian Dermatology Association. As well as meeting the continuing educational needs of the CDA, the Journal will serve the interests of an international dermatologic and cutaneous biology community.

I believe that the Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery promises to become a means of communication and a tool for continuing development of research and education in dermatology. To that end, it will be guided by the voices of those who are at the forefront of dermatologic research and clinical medicine. We have attracted an outstanding board of editors who join with me in welcoming you to the inaugural issue.

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