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Contents, JCMS, Vol. 2(3), Supplement

Prepubertal Acne:
Clinical Presentation, Evaluation, and Treatment
Danielle Marcoux, Catherine C. McCuaig, and Julie Powell

Management of Adult Acne and Acne Variants
W. J. Cunliffe

Side Effects of Acne Therapy and Their Management
Rob A.W. Miller

Psychosocial Aspects of Acne Vulgaris
Alison M. Layton

Approaches to Acne Scarring: A Review
Nowell Solish, Mani Raman, and Sheldon V. Pollack


Vincent C. HoOur previous supplement on acne published in November 1997 received many favourable reviews. By popular demand, we have decided to revisit this topic. This issue will focus on the challenges that dermatologists face in the management of acne.
     Prepubertal acne occurs, although uncommonly. Should these patients be investigated or treated differently? Drs. Marcoux, McCuaig, and Powell provide some useful guidelines.
     Most people consider acne a disease of adolescence. According to Dr. Cunliffe, acne not infrequently persists into the fourth decade of life. In his article, he discusses the pathophysiology, evaluation, and treatment of adult acne. No less challenging to manage than adult acne are acne variants such as acne fulminans, acne conglobata, and vasculitic acne. Dr. Cunliffe also reviews the clinical features and current management of these devastating diseases.
     A rational therapeutic decision requires a careful analysis of the risks and benefits of treatment. Dr. Miller gives us a concise and up-to-date review of the potential side effects of systemic acne therapy along with helpful suggestions on their management.
     Acne can cause significant psychosocial burden. Dr. Layton reminds us that this should not be overlooked in our clinical assessment of acne patients. She discusses the use of the APSEA (assessment of psychological and social effects of acne) questionnaire.
     Last, but not least, what can we do to alleviate acne scarring and restore self-confidence? Drs. Solish, Raman, and Pollack discuss the various old and new treatments.

Vincent C. Ho

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