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Contents, JCMS, Vol. 2(4), Supplement

Neil H. Shear

The Many Faces of Rosacea
David Gratton

Rosacea: Epidemiology and Pathogenesis
Arnon M. Katz

Differential Diagnosis of a Red Face
A.H. Murray

Psychological Aspects of Rosacea
Sylvia Garnis-Jones

Drug Therapy of Rosacea: A Problem-Directed Approach
Michael I. Singer

Laser Therapy in the Management of Rosacea
Sharyn A. Laughlin and Denis K. Dudley

Angiogenesis: Potential Target for Dermatologic Intervention
Daniel N. Sauder


Rosacea—A Condition That Needs Special Care

Rosacea is one of the most challenging skin diseases to manage. The more work that I do with this condition, the more I don’t understand. Patients complain of mis treatment from friends, relatives, and doctors. Dermatologists need to be prominent in their support for research and improved patient-focused care for rosacea. I hope that this supplement will fill a need. Each contributor has provided a knowledgeable and thorough review of key aspects for care of the rosacea patient. It is unlikely that any physician can support all aspects of therapy, but it is important that we are all aware of what is available and where to get it. Treating rosacea is one of the most gratifying parts of my practice. Patients need a lot, but are especially grateful for the extra effort.
     I have attempted to provide a brief outline of the contents of this supplement in the caremap below. Each stage of rosacea is accompanied by treatment options. The details for each are in the excellent articles that follow.

Neil H. Shear
Guest Editor
University of Toronto

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