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Standard Model of CarcinogenesisBasal Cell Carcinoma

  • a pigment produced by the melanocyte and transferred to adjacent keratinocytes
  • provides protection against UV light damage
  • in large intracellular packages, such as is seen in the cells of blacks, is particularly protective
  • in smaller packages, such as seen in Asians and in Caucasians, is considerably less protective
  • eumelanin
    • the most protective melanin, found commonly in all racial groups
    • good eumelanin suntan equals a sun protective factor (SPF) of 4
    • Black skin has a sun protective factor of 15
  • phaeomelanin
    • found in red-headed individuals
    • is very ineffective at blocking ultraviolet light, and indeed may be activated, unlike eumelanin in darker skinned individuals, to a more active form that may well be carcinogenic in itself


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