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Naevi 2 mm or more - Australia and Vancouver
Naevi 2 mm or more  - Australia and Vancouver

Vancouver Mole Study II
Vancouver Mole Study II


  • skin cancer can be prevented
  • avoidance of excessive ultraviolet light should start in early childhood
    • avoidance of midday sun
    • clothing is an excellent sunscreen
    • if one cannot cover up, or avoid the sun through timing, sunscreens are appropriate:
      • opaque sunscreens containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are excellent but not commonly used because of cosmetic issues
      • transparent sunscreens should be a minimum sun protective factor of 30, and must contain UVA block
      • sun protective factor (SPF) is the amount of light required to burn with the sunscreen on, divided by amount without the sunscreen
      • good UVA block is Parsol 1789
      • excellent sunscreens include Presun Ultra 30, Ombrelle 30 or 60, and Anthelios 30 or 60


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