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This case study workshop in dermatology is designed to address a number of the educational needs of practising physicians involved in the management of common skin disorders.

Using practice-based, interactive techniques, the program explores several key themes and issues in contemporary dermatology management, such as:

  • How do today's clinicians balance cost factors with those of efficacy and safety in the selection of appropriate therapies?
  • What is the relevance and applicability of today's clinical guidelines?
  • What is the current thinking regarding optimal approaches to the pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic management of skin disorders?

Composed of three parts, the program presents participants with different sets of challenges and provides valuable opportunities for peer discussion and interaction:

  1. The Differential Diagnosis Visual Skills Test challenges the diagnostic acumen of clinicians with a series of slide images of skin disorders, both common and unusual. Expert commentary follows each answer.
  2. The Case Study modules present dermatology cases related to the management of common disorders such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and skin infections. These cases present commentary from both the family physician and dermatology perspectives.
  3. The Self-Assessment Quiz contains a number of multiple choice questions concerning topical issues in the therapeutic management of skin disorders

A notable aspect of this program is that it has been developed primarily by family physicians, and is therefore oriented towards issues and concerns in primary care practice.

Participants registered in this program may be eligible for 1–3 MAINPRO-M1 credits from the College of Family Physicians. This program is also accredited by the Canadian Council for Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) for 1–3 CEUs. Participation may also be recorded in the MOCOMP diary.

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