Optimal Therapy in Skin Disorders

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A 20 year old male complains that the cream prescribed for his rash at the walk-in clinic 2 weeks ago, worked initially but not any longer. He shows a tube of antifungal cream and a rash that is erythematous, well-demarcated plaques with central silvery scaling and some crusting, present on his trunk, forearms, extensor surfaces, and to a lesser extent on his upper buttocks. You would:

a) take a scraping of the crusts to send for culture, fungal and bacterial.

b) change fungal cream to a different formulation.

c) try a topical steroid ointment.

d) try a topical steroid cream.

e) take a good look at his scalp and nails and enquire about family history.

f) do a throat swab.

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