Optimal Therapy in Skin Disorders

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(Part I) An adult patient presents with a 6 month history of untreated psoriasis of the elbows, knees, legs and scalp. You decide to treat him with a mid-potency corticosteroid. You will:

a) use an ointment.

b) use a cream.

c) tell the patient not to use it on the face, folds or genitalia.

d) tell the patient to use it for a few weeks, then stop for a week or two to avoid side effects.

(Part II) If after a few weeks of treatment there is not much improvement you plan to use calcipotriol ointment adjunctively because:

a) combining both treatments will produce better results and longer duration of improvement.

b) calcipotriol does not cause atrophy, telangiectasia, striae, and other steroidal side effects.

c) calcipotriol does not induce tachyphylaxis.

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