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(over 20,000 images, about to relaunch with 50,000 images) - New Zealand based atlas is about to launch a new image gallery with over double the current images. Content can be browsed by skin infections, time of life, disease name, treatment & procedures, and hundreds of topics, with additional content beyond the imagery. Originally launched in 1995, this site continues to evolve and develop over time.
DermNet Case Photo Library
DermNet Case Photo Library

(over 8000 images) - Well organized and easy to navigate, DermNet presents a large number of images and allows for their use in live lectures. High resolution images are available for publications upon request.
Dermatology Online Image Atlas -
DOAI: Dermatology Online Image Atlas
PeDOIA: Pediatric Dermatology Online Image Atlas
(over 6800 images) - Search the database for dermatological diagnoses, browse by alphabetical listings, and also select the area of the body for images from that location.
A cooperation between the Dept. of Clinical Social Medicine (Univ. of Heidelberg) and the Dept. of Dermatology (Univ. of Erlangen). The database has recently been divided into two sections: DOIA & PeDOIA. Image Atlas
(over 7300 images) - Spanish-based image atlas from The University of Lleida in Catalonia, with a comprehensive listing covering many dermatology diseases and conditions. An additional dermatoscopy image atlas is also available.
Dermatology Atlas
(over 8700 images) - Brazilian based atlas with a simple frame-based interface - a list of all images on the left and the images appear on the right.
Hellenic Dermatological Atlas
(over 2660 images) - Based in Greece, this atlas is searchable by category of disease, diagnoses, and contributor.
Atlas of Clinical Dermatology
(over 3000 images) - Danish site featuring high resolution photos of Dr. Neils Velen organized in 9 subsections of dermatological diagnoses.
Iconotheque Numerique Atlas de Dermatologie
Dermatologic Image Database, at the University of Iowa
Dermatology Atlas at Loyola University
(over 230 images)
Skin Cancer and Benign Tumor Image Atlas
(over 80 images) - Hosted by Loyola University